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The Inland Northwest Peace Corps Association (INPCA) is an organization of returned Peace Corps Volunteers, staff, and supporters living in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Pursuant to the third goal of the Peace Corps, Bringing the World Back Home, we gather from diverse points with the common bond of having served abroad in the Peace Corps. We share our experiences with each other, with those leaving for overseas assignments, and with our communities to help Americans understand people and cultures outside our own. We have meetings and activities throughout the year to socialize, meet other RPCVs, contribute to our communities, support overseas efforts, and network. We try to meet at least once every three months. These are opportunities to meet other RPCVs and see presentations about the overseas experiences of others. Oftentimes people from our host countries join us for sharing and remembrances. This is an opportunity for making friends and even a little networking.

Mailing address:
PO Box 9203
Spokane, WA  99209

22 April 2013